About us

Visaandeschelde is the seafood restaurant in Amsterdam-Zuid, located on Scheldeplein. Hence the name.

The restaurant opened its doors on 30 March 1999. In Amsterdam-Zuid, next to the RAI and in a not so screamingly busy neighbourhood at the time. It was a hit. Restaurateur Michiel Deenik received a 9- in the Parool by Johannes van Dam shortly after the opening.

Michiel Deenik is always looking for new culinary ideas, ingredients and authentic flavours. Looking, tasting, innovating. But guests also appreciate the classics, signature dishes that will never be taken off the menu.

At Visaandeschelde, they pay close attention to where the fish, fresh fresh fresh, comes from. The seasons are monitored and almost all fish comes from the North Sea. The kitchen team works with “whole” fish that are cut up on the spot and from which nothing goes to waste. So it is sustainable.

Visaandeschelde is now 25 years old! Together with his wife Saskia Deenik, they are preparing the younger generation to continue the business in the future, so Visaandeschelde can last another 25 years!